Never leave them home alone

The first Monday of May, both of our sons (6 and 8 years) were ill at the same time. They stayed home with their father all morning. I wasn't worried. I knew that the boys would lie in the bed, Michal would be working in the living room and I’d be home before lunch. I was only away for 2 hours, but it had the biggest influence over the future of our family.

"We‘ve already built the base of our future family imperium," my little patients enthusiastically announced. "Congratulations," I said. "What is it?" "We’re going to design and print awesome t-shirts, but shirts with meaning."I didn't fully grasp their ambitions, but that would change momentarily. "Of course, we’ll have to think seriously about it over the summer. Creating the company's name, logo, website, and the first designs... .We could buy a screen printer and start in the September." "What do you think, Mom ?" I love my children and support every idea that makes them happy. I was, as always, -- excited, though a little nervous because Michal's eyes shined as brightly as the boys’, but September was still a ways away...

On the second Monday of May, I came home to all three boys waiting by the door. The biggest one said "Great! You're here! I have to go to the studio. The screen printer’s coming at 6." Before I could say anything, my youngest son said, "I know that we spoke about September but this was really the most advantageous."  So we had the screen printer. Over the summer, we thought about every detail of the whole project and a business plan started to take shape. The boys, big and small, drew like maniacs. The little ones inked a series of sea animals and other strange creatures for an ocean idea. Michal fine-tuned the new logo and created an Eastern design of his own.... When I suggested contributing to this creative process, they told me that I have nice handwriting, and I was allowed to write the words "FAMILY MANUFACTORY" under our brand new company name: WAY OF TEE. I excelled at t-shirt ordering as well as a kind of paint dryer.

So we’ve begun producing our Save the Ocean print as well as our Meditating Buddha. Gandhi is near production and other cool concepts are in the works. ...  I’ll make a good color coordinator.

It’s wonderful to have a family operation, where everybody has an indispensable place. With this forward momentum, our WAY OF TEE can truly begin!